Wooden cutting board is one of the most familiar tools in the kitchen. However, the wooden cutting board contains a lot of harmful bacteria for your health if you use it in the wrong way.

Some researches show that cutting board is the place that contains the most bacteria and many housewives do not know about this. The surface of cutting board contains a lot of harmful bacteria including E. coli.

If the cutting board is dirty, the bacteria will multiply and it is very hard to remove the bacteria especially for old cutting board with deep cutting grooves. Some bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella and campylobacter (bacteria cause diarrhea and intestinal diseases) can spread out from the cutting board to food when it is not cleaned properly.

In particular, the wooden cutting boards can contain bacteria more 200 times than toilet. Especially, when you use the wooden cutting board improperly or use it for a long time.

Select the bad wood for cutting board

Wooden cutting board with high elasticity, heavy weight is suitable for shredding and cutting food. However, wooden cutting board has some disadvantages such as easy to absorb water and odor, fast warping, humus, easy to crack and rot.

Therefore, when you want to buy a cutting board, you should choose the types of wood with high elasticity and quality, not easy to warp and rot. You should not choose the cheap wooden cutting board with unclear label and origin due to out of money.

You also should not choose the wooden cutting board with color layer in the surface because this is a way of manufacturers to hind the cracks or rotten surface below.

Do not soak the new wooden cutting board in salt water

After buying a new cutting board, many families often use it immediately within a day. However, it is necessary to soak the new cutting board in salt water with percentage of 200g salt/ 1 liter of water.

You should soak the new cutting board in salt water for 24 hours. Then, you let it dry under the sun so that the cutting board will have enough moisture and no cracks.

Do not clean the wooden cutting board properly after using

After using, many families often clean the wooden cutting board with water and then hang it to dry. But this is not the right way and it can make you sick or other serious diseases by toxic, poison in the cutting board.

Therefore, after using the cutting board, you should wash it properly. For example, instead of washing the cutting board in cold water, you should wash it in warm or hot water from the sink.

You also should not use too much chemical cleaners. Instead of that, you can apply a natural and safe cleaner liquid such as vinegar, lemon juice and salt. You use these materials to rub on the surface of the wooden cutting board for better efficiency. As a result of that, the wooden cutting board will be eliminated the odors and become cleaner.

Do not change the wooden cutting boards after 6-8 months of use

After a long period of use, the wooden cutting board will appear a lot of cuts. In these cuts, the food is easy to be stuck and bacteria can be impact on our health. Therefore, with cutting board for cooked food, you should replace it once per 6 – 8 months.

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