We may use tea, milk, beer and juice daily. However, there are some common mistakes when using it that we may not be aware of. Let’s learn how to use these beverages properly with us today.


Tea should be brewed at 90 C degrees not at 100 C degrees as many people think. In addition, green tea just needs to brew at 70 C degrees.

The best time to drinking tea is 4 – 6 minutes after brewing. When you store tea for a long time, the caffeine in tea will increase and stimulate the drinker. Moreover, the harmful tannic acid will product some toxics that damage the stomach and vitamin B, C will be destroyed.


Milk contains a lot of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, C, D, especially calcium. These components are not only good for people bones but also their health including children and adults’ health. Therefore, not only children need to drink milk but also everyone can drink. However, some people who are allergic with milk should not drink it as it may cause abdominal pain, diarrhea after drinking.

When you are sick, drinking milk can increase mucus layer and make them denser as well as harder to remove. So you will get well longer.


Many people think that beer does not contain as much alcohol as wine so they often add more beer to wine in order to increase the percentage of alcohol. However, in fact, during the brewing process, the percentage of alcohol in beer is up to 13% so you do not need to add more wine to drunk faster. Worse, it can cause harmful in your health.

Beer is made from wheat and it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Beer does not contain fat and the sugar percentage is very low. In fact, a half liter of beer contains fewer calories than some snacks such as 1 banana, 1 package of peanuts or 1 bag of chips.

Water and juice

70 percentage of human body is water so water is the essential ingredient for the body. You should apply 1,5 to 2 liters of water every day. You also can absorb a lot of water from various food sources such as fruits and vegetables.

Fruit juices are not healthy choices to make you not thirsty anymore because the fiber and nutrients in the fruit juices are destroyed during the processing. In addition, it contains a lot of sugar and calories. Therefore, water is the best way to help you reduce the thirst quickly.

You should not drink fruit juice while the stomach is empty because the acids will be active inside the stomach and cause stomachache. The best time to drink fruit juice is between 2 meals, half an hour before meals or after doing exercise.

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